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Expert instructors. Endless options. Epic results!

Do you have a well planned fitness routine?

Challenge your muscles by shaking up your routine with one of Fit’s group fitness classes.
Whether you prefer High Intensity Interval Training, upbeat cardio, or a relaxing evening stretch, there’s a perfect group class for every Fit member.

Our qualified instructors will guide you through carefully planned workouts, so you achieve maximum results without having to think.
Feel the benefits of a team setting in our bootcamp-style classes, tap into the energy of one of our many group cardio options, or take a rest day with a relaxing long stretch – all led by professionals who will help with your form and motivate you to go out of your comfort zone.


  • Fit is more than just a gym – it’s a lifestyle brand that encourages healthy and inspired living. Offering an unparalleled, all-encompassing member experience, Fit sets the bar when it comes to personal training, group fitness, workout facilities, social events and more.