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Build a greater aerobic capacity, improving stabilization of performance levels, while focusing on accurate technique, cadence and pedal stroke.

Cycle & a 6-Pack!- After a 45-minute, fat-burning ride, move to the group fitness room for 15-minutes of power packed core training. Working with a heart rate zone of 65-85% max, fat burning is optimized and is a fitness ride or as a recovery ride for athletes.

Cycle Combo- Get it all done in one hour!! Start in the cycle room for a 30 minute quick cardio burn and then head to the fight room for 30 minutes of resistance and cardio work. Time in this class flies by! (I,A)

Cyclistics – Doc’s special ride! Join Doc Bloom or Brice for a ride based on exercise physiology principals moving from the sugar burning to the fat burning stages utilizing resistance and speed training for a cycling work out that will leave a burn in your buns and a smile on your face.

FAST AND FURIOUS- This is a 45 minute ride using an intensive/extensive interval format. Experience race day surges, flats roads, and steep climbs with gears as high as 20+. Riders achieve approximately 15 - 18 miles in 45 minutes and push heart rate at or above 90% max at various points in the ride. Watts (power output) will be measured and challenged during some rides.

FUNdamental Ride- Doc has designed this special ride for the novice to mid-level rider. Learn mechanics, get a great workout, and have some fun!

Happy Hour! – Get ready to party! Kick your weekend off with this non-stop workout! For a limited time only! Two 45-min classes back to back- come for one or stay for both!! We will ride for 90 min, so just come in when you arrive and take one song to warm up! (B, I, A)

Pedal to the Metal – Not for the faint of heart! Show up for a fast paced class with loud music and enthusiastic instruction... Leave with a healthy dose of endorphins and a good attitude. Not your Mama’s cycling class! (I,A)

Power Wheeling - Sculpt and Sweat! Add an upper body-sculpting workout to a steady paced cycle class. Combine your cardio and tone your upper body at the same time! (B,I,A)

Power Intervals: Intensive intervals incorporating sprints, hills, jumps and flats are used to extend the rider's anaerobic threshold, increasing VO2max and overall lactate tolerance. (B, I, A)

Richeous Ride – Intermediate and advanced riders challenge both legs and lungs in this 45-min power ride. (I,A) Ride n’ Roll- Best of both worlds! Spend 45-min on the bike burning some serious calories and then release your muscles on the foam roller. (B,I,A)

Rhythm Ride - Do it all in one ride! Cycle to the beat and synchronize your cadence to the rhythm of the music in this highly energetic and challenging class. Feel the cohesion of the group as you cycle in unison and push together to reach your full cycling potential. This class utilizes the principals of interval training and aims at achieving a target heart rate of 65-90% (B,I,A)

Tips to make your ride more enjoyable:
* Adequate hydration is critical: Please ensure you bring at least one full bottle of water/sports drink to the class.
* If you are new to cycle, please arrive 10 minutes early to class to allow instructor to help you set up your cycle


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